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Houston FDA Clinical Trials

Houston FDA Clinical Trials
Houston FDA Clinical Trials

At times, some of the physicians rise to a level where they can be invited into clinical trials needed to bring a new implant, like a total knee, or a drug, like Tylenol, to market. Think of the advances in modern medicine and many game changers, like the advent of Penicillin, that saved the lives of millions since its launch.

Fortunately, the physicians at Orthopaedic Associates have risen to that level and at times, we get to be involved in game changing developments in the field of orthopaedics and many times, the results reach way beyond our field. In this day of the opioid crisis, our results spill over into other specialties and the results chip away at the epidemic, safely and effectively.

Currently, Dr. Alan Rechter, Dr. David Lin, and Dr. Gregory Harvey are three such Houston based orthopaedic surgeons involved in these trials. Our latest trial involves the use of injectable or intra-joint applied medicines that are designed to make surgeries that were once considered very painful, closer to being called “painless.” Now, knee replacements aren’t yet painless but when patients used to take 60-90 pain pills in the post-operative period now take less than 10, I’d call that a success.

Furthermore, if the patient qualifies for the trial, most time the entire procedure is FREE – no fee for the surgeon, hospital, implant, or anesthesiologist. FREE.

To date, Dr. Alan Rechter has performed over 150 Houston area knee replacements in these trials at no cost to the patient. And, the drugs have been safe and extremely effective. We are currently involved in Total Knee Trials and Rotator Cuff Trials, as well as nerve block trials. It’s an honor and very exciting to be part of the process and also to bring these choices to OA patients.

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