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Fall in love with your feet

Fall in love with your feet
Fall in love with your feet

Don’t think that since it is cooling down you can put on some cozy socks and shoes and forget about those feet! The fall is an important time to take care and renew your soles.

It may not be that cool in Texas just yet but as we get a few cold fronts here and there the air dries out which means so does our skin. You may notice dry skin and cracks that may bleed. Be sure to moisturize daily the tops and bottoms of your feet.

Now is also a good time when you will be more in enclosed shoes to keep the toenail polish off. Let those nails breath. When you remove the polish you may see small white scratch marks on the nails. Don’t get spooked! It is just the nail begging for more oxygen. You can use a good OTC nail strengthener from time to time and taking your daily vitamins will help them get stronger again.

With enclosed shoes may come some ingrown. Sports are starting up and the weather is pleaseant so you may want to go out on a walk or run. Trim your nails regularly and smooth the edges with a file so they do not cause pain. Or go get a nice pedicure.

The change in shoes that you haven’t worn in a year may cause a few callouses and/or sore spots. Exfoliate a couple times a week with a pumice stone so they do not build up and again moisturize. If you find some arch or heel discomfort try an insert or maybe it’s just time for a new pair of cute boots.

Finally, with the holidays soon upon us and with it all the shopping, decorating, and gathering try not to stress too much. Have a nice warm foot soak and read a nice book, watch your favorite sports team, or drink a hot cup of tea. My diabetics… have someone check the water temperature for you please.

If you are having any issues we are here to help! Please call one of our 5 Houston Area Orthopaedic Surgery Offices.

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