Orthopaedic Associates surgeons rely on their colleagues’ support and active participation in the University of Texas Medical School Teaching Program where they all hold faculty appointments. All physicians are on staff of various hospitals. The group’s strength evolves from a special partnership — a team of physicians genuinely focused on bringing patients the best in care of orthopaedic injuries and abnormalities.

Our staff takes the time to educate patients on the cause, effects and remedies of their injuries or diseases, thus enhancing the relationship of confidence and trust patients maintain with their primary physicians.

Gina Wright

Individual Doctor Staff Listed Below

Gregory P. Harvey, M.D.
Jacqueline Rodriguez, PA-C Physician Assistant (
Alma Cordoba-Medical Secretary (
Javier Jimenez-Medical Assistant (

Vivek P. Kushwaha, M.D.
John K. Riles, PA-C-Physician Assistant (
Virginia Garcia-Medical Secretary (
Lucy Martinez-Medical Assistant (

Alan J. Rechter, MD
Marlene Gennedy-Shook PA-C, MPAS-Physician Assistant (
Josie Schmidt-Medical Secretary (
Lucy Garcia-Medical Assistant (

Navin Subramanian, M.D.
Stephen Miller, NP-Nurse Practitioner (
Cheryl Caesar-Medical Secretary (
Jissel Cisneros-Medical Assistant (

David L. Lin, M.D.
Caitlin Gillespie, PA-C, MPAS-Physician Assistant (
Lucia Lerma-Medical Secretary (
Rosa Maldonado-Medical Assistant (

Amy E. Reidel, D.P.M.
Leslie Macias-Medical Secretary (