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  • Five Stars!!!!! From my first visit, the medical staff at Orthopaedic Associates was top of the line. Very friendly. I had been having severe SI pain for three solid months with no relief down the back of both legs, originating on the right side, radiating even to the front and at times to the right ankle. I tried pain therapy and was referred to Dr. Navin Subramanian. He evaluated all prior MRI and X-rays, then a physical examination. He gave me the options of less invasive therapy ,which I've never had success. Leave it and see if the pain subsided and that wouldn't do for me. Then the surgical option of an I-Fuse bone fusion, securing the SI Joint together to prevent further and future movement, irritation and severe pain. I opted for the fusion of the three titanium implants. The normal questions of success rate were asked and Dr. Subramanian has a great success rate and has never had to perform any corrective revisions on more than 100 procedures. Of course it is not an overnight fix and there is a painful post op period as with most surgery involving bones and joints. December 20, 2023, the surgery was done. By week two, I was starting to get post op pain relief. Now as of yesterday, January 31, 2024, seven weeks post op, I am pain free and building my strength back. I can walk for about an hour which will get even better as I start therapy to strengthen my lower back and legs again. I'm giving Dr. Navin Subramanian and Orthopaedic Associates a strong Five Star rating. If there were Ten Stars, I'd give them that. I am beyond satisfied with the outcome and so happy to be able to get up from my chair and move again, pain free! Thank you Dr. Navin Subramanian for helping me regain freedom to move again.
    Source: Google Reviews 1
  • Love this place. Associates are always friendly and professional. There is no long wait time to see the doctor. My doctor Dr. Kushwaha is always willing to answer any questions I have and to inform me of what he believes is the best treatment for me and then leave me the options to say yes or no. He has been great with all my treatments and my surgeries. Love my doctor and his staff. Congratulations for being there for me.
    Source: Google Reviews 1
  • The whole office was extremely polite. I didn’t have to wait long to see the Doctor and his assistants were very attentive to my concerns and answered all my questions and made the right recommendations for my injuries. And I left knowing that I made the right decision going there. Doctor Subramanian. Is a bright and very knowledgeable in his diagnosis and care of his patients.
    Source: Google Reviews 2
  • Dr. Riedel is wonderful. I wish she was also my GP! She is so very skilled and patient and kind. Her nurse is very sweet and helpful, too, and everyone on staff in Katy has been great. Thank you.
    Source: Google Reviews 3
  • Haley was great! She talked to me about my x-ray of my knee and gave multiple ways to treat it. She checked on me to see how it was doing and ordered a MRI quickly. She put me on medication that has helped and I am so grateful for her! Thank you Haley!
    Source: Google Reviews 4
  • Last visit was by phone and was excellent. Had more therapy and have been doing fairly well with that. My primary care doctor has just ordered more since I have been off of therapy for about 3 months. Still choose this method over surgery.
    Source: Google Reviews 5
  • I loved Dr. Cruz, great bedside manner and he really listened to me and answered all my questions. The nursing and office staff were very likeable and professional.
    Source: Google Reviews 6
  • Dr. Amy Riedel and her assistant Leslie, for me the best of the best, I love them…..they have always been there to answer all my needs, regardless of schedule. They have helped me throughout my process, I really recommend them. Thank you thank you for everything, blessings
    Source: Google Reviews 7
  • I was able to be scheduled in a timely fashion for my initial visit. The office wait time was a bit long, but all worth it! Dr. Rechter was amazing and I would return if needed and highly recommend!
    Source: Google Reviews 8
  • Dr. Subramanian is very professional. Listens to what you have going on with you . He explains very well, where you can understand what the plan is for you. His staff is so wonderful and get the job done.
    Source: Google Reviews 9
  • Dr.lin is a expert and his team is absolutely wonderful. I had both knee Replacements with huge success, no more pain for me!
    Source: Google Reviews 10
  • Very nice office. The staff and medical professionals are excellent, caring, companionate, and skilled. I highly recommend Dr. Kushwaha, he has been my surgeon for many years and has helped me immensely.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Rechter and Marlene always take good care of me. I have been a patient for a long time and drive wherever they are to see them.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • They are very understanding,an patient. Listens and I feel very comfortable with this office.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • I had an awesome experience and a exceptional and a professional procedure.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Got a great bicep tendon repair surgery taken care of by Dr Rechter!
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Kushwaha has been my surgeon for many years and will continue to be!
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Great team have been so helpful with my pain
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Everyone has been knowledgeable, professional, polite, friendly, thoughtful and kind.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Haley was great! She talked to me about my x-ray of my knee and gave multiple ways to treat it. She checked on me to see how it was doing and ordered a MRI quickly. She put me on medication that has helped and I am so grateful for her! Thank you Haley!

  • Visit was very good, Dr. Rechter listened, offered advice and instruction. I appreciate his help.
    Source: ZocDoc Reviews 1
  • He has a great no nonsense manner and is a straight shooter. I really appreciate Dr. Rechter
    Source: ZocDoc Reviews 1
  • Awesome, Doc gives good information Everyone friendly, nice, very helpful.
    Source: ZocDoc Reviews 1
  • Visit is always positive, helpful & informative Awesome staff
    Source: ZocDoc Reviews 1
  • I have seen Dr. Rechter for over 10 years. The wait time is because he has such a great reputation . I will wait to see him if needed. I really trust him.
    Source: ZocDoc Reviews 1
  • Excellent! Besides the long wait time, the staff was very good, the doctor was friendly and he quickly and carefully described the issues and the proposed treatment.
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