Dr. Harvey acknowledged in “Ultimate Kingwood” – Surgeon minds bedside manners

by Mark DeHaven

DrHarveySeeing patients at Orthopaedic Associates LLP, performing surgeries at Grand Texas Surgery Center, PLLC and HHS Joint Venture, teaching at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center and acting as team physician for the U.S. Olympic freestyle ski team, Dr. Gregory Harvey is a busy man.

Harvey enjoys his relationship with Grand Texas Surgery Center, PLLC and HHS Joint Venture, where he performs surgeries for patients he sees at his practice.

“The hospital staff is very oriented toward patient comfort and recovery from surgery,” he said. “The hospital is physician-owned, so we can really dedicate our efforts to providing patients with superb medical care.”

He says arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgeries for cartilage, ligament and tendon injuries are the most common surgeries with athletes.

Can some of these injuries be avoided with certain preventive care?

“Sometimes it is difficult to prevent serious injuries, but athletes can perform daily conditioning exercises that can be preventative for injury,” Harvey said. He said soccer and football seem to bring the most injuries.

The sports medicine doctor, through his work with the U.S. Olympic freestyle ski team, travels annually to races around the world, where he acts as a triage doctor and medical advocate for the athletes in foreign countries as they compete in various tournaments.

When on U.S. soil, Harvey takes time to teach his residents about positive patient interaction and appropriate bedside manner.

“I tell my residents to take the time to really listen to the patients’ complaints and to be compassionate in their care,” he said.

Harvey says the most enjoyable part about practicing sports medicine is seeing his patients bounce back from their injuries and resume daily and sports activities in a timely fashion.

When he’s not at one of his many work obligations, Harvey can be found participating in 5K running races around the Houston area with his family.

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NAME: Gregory Harvey, M.D.AGE: 55

OCCUPATION: Partner at Orthopaedic Associates LLP and clinical assistant professor of orthopedics at University of Texas Health Sciences Center


FAST FACT: Harvey also has trained as a classical pianist

Author: Orthopaedic Associates

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