Spring Into Summer

Dr. Amy Reidel, D.P.M.Spring into Summer, by Dr. Amy Reidel, D.P.M.

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining. Spring is here and soon we will have our Texas summer. Although we may not have all the activities we are used to this time of year due to COVID19, we will be back on our feet soon. Here are some helpful things to remember as you begin your spring and summertime fun. Sunscreen! Most of us wear sandals, flip flops, or go barefoot due to the heat, around the pool, gardening, or at the beach. The tops of your feet are exposed. Many skin cancers arise on the feet and in the nails and can be missed. Prevent sunburns and prevent skin lesions by applying every few hours. When you are barefoot, be sure to keep an eye on your footing on the ground or in the water. Puncture wounds are not only painful but can leave a foreign body and cause infection. Different infections require different antibiotics so you need to be seen if you feel you do have any signs of an infection. With warmer weather, we tend to see a rise in plantar warts.

About Wart Virus

A wart is a virus that lives in the skin. It can cause pain when they are on the bottom of your feet. Multiple treatment options are available to eliminate the virus and pain. The Texas heat also brings sweat. With our heat and humidity we look like water faucets. Fungus can crawl underneath your toenails and cause thickening, discoloration, and sometimes pain. The moisture can also cause athletes foot. If you go on a run, workout, or work outdoors try to change your socks out after so the moisture can be removed and prevent any fungus. You can also use a disinfectant spray in your shoes daily and spray your shower floor with a disinfectant solution to prevent any transfer to another person. Women, those toenails never look cuter as they do in the summer painted all pretty. If you get pedicures, make sure they properly sterilize their tools and sanitize their spa baths. Monitor how they trim your toenails as well so they do not cause a painful ingrown toenail. For my diabetic patients and immune-compromised patients, please look at the top and bottoms of your feet and in between your toes every day. If you notice any changes you need to be seen immediately to prevent any problems. All of us are ready to begin enjoying the outdoors and each others company. We want you to have a summer full of fun. If you have any problems that arise we are here to help you get back on your feet!

Author: Orthopaedic Associates

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