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Photo of Dr. HarveyReverse Total Shoulder, Dr. Gregory P. Harvey

A reverse total shoulder may be a good option if you have an unrepairable rotator cuff tear, a
significant shoulder fracture, or a severe deformity from arthritis. Unlike a standard total
shoulder, in a reverse shoulder replacement, the shoulder socket (glenoid) will be replaced with
a metal ball, a metal base plate, and screws. The ball of the shoulder (humeral head) will
be replaced with a plastic and metal cup attached to a stem in the canal of the humerus.

There is a biomechanical advantage to this configuration that will allow for increased overhead
use of the arm and decreased pain which in the past with a standard total shoulder was difficult
to attain. Usually, the surgery only requires an overnight stay in the hospital, and shoulder
motion can improve in about 6 weeks.

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Author: Orthopaedic Associates

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