Internet and Social Media in Modern Medicine

Internet and Social Media in Modern Medicine

Alan J Rechter, MD

Medicine has changed. It always does, evidenced from the advent of modern
day minimally invasive techniques that don’t require stitches to new telemedicine
consults. We can now replace your entire knee in less than 45 minutes and you can
sleep in your own bed the same evening. Technology is amazing, especially in
orthopaedic surgery that is so heavily technology driven.
Most changes are good and we are fortunate to be able to use the internet to
get information on just about everything. Sometimes, however, the information
given is not fact-checked, and frequently, it is biased by advertising or the author’s
personal opinion. As doctors, we are scientists, and our brains scrutinize data,
reviewing studies and finding answers that aren’t readily seen. We learn and then,
in turn, we educate the patient on what the data really says. Is endoscopic carpal
tunnel any better than traditional surgery, and are robots really needed to do
proper joint replacements? It is our job to figure that out for the best outcome for
Social media can be a great way to get a reference from someone who has
been to a certain doctor and had a great visit or a flawless surgery. However, with
corporate money in social media, advertising bias is now rampant throughout the
pages of these sources.
We love the educated patient. Contrary to what we occasionally hear from
patients, we find it easier to explain some of the more complex things we do when
the patients has done some homework on their own. Thanks for taking the time to
read and hope we can be here for you!!

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Author: Orthopaedic Associates

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