The hip is a critical joint for walking and running, but plays a role in almost all activities. Arthritis, bone fractures, and other conditions can cause the hip to deteriorate, leaving patients in pain and dealing with limited mobility. Hip replacement surgery in Houston, Texas offers not only pain relief, but the ability to regain lost range of motion and independence.

Hip replacement surgery is one of the fastest-growing types of orthopedic surgery. According to the Journal of Rheumatology, 498,000 total hip replacements were predicted for 2020, which is up dramatically from the number in 2010 (310,800, according to the CDC).

If you’re struggling with hip pain that’s affecting your mobility and quality of life, contact us here at Orthopaedic Associates to schedule a consultation at one of our 5 areas in Houston Orthopaedic Surgery offices to discuss your symptoms and learn more about treatment options.

Hip Replacement Houston

What Are the Components of the Hip Joint?

The hip is one of the largest joints in the body. Like others, it is a ball-and-socket type joint, meaning the joint on the end of the femur fits into a socket within the hip bone. The ball (femoral head) is covered with cartilage, and the synovial membrane surrounds the joint itself. Ligaments help to keep the femoral head in place and ensure that the joint is stable.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Many conditions can cause hip pain, but some of the most common include the following:

  • Osteoarthritis – Perhaps the most common cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis. Over time, the cartilage can wear away from the femoral head, leaving the bone exposed. This allows the bone to rub on bone, which causes pain and difficulty moving. Osteoarthritis is common in people over 50 years of age, as well as in those with a family history of the disease.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is an autoimmune disease, which causes the synovial membrane to thicken and become inflamed. The inflammation damages the cartilage, causing deterioration, as well as pain.
  • Post Traumatic Arthritis – Patients whose hips have been damaged through trauma (car accidents, sports accidents, etc.) may develop post-traumatic arthritis that causes pain in the hip and difficulty moving.

In addition to these three causes, others include the legacy of childhood diseases, irregularities in hip joint development, and osteonecrosis.

Symptoms of Hip Joint Deterioration

The primary symptoms of hip joint deterioration are a pain in the hip while walking and limited mobility. However, hip joint stiffness may also be a sign of deterioration. Contact Orthopaedic Associates to schedule a consultation on your symptoms.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery In Houston

There are three types of hip replacement surgery performed today. The most common is total hip replacement, followed by partial hip replacement and hip resurfacing. The latter surgery is usually only an option for young, physically active individuals.

Total Hip Replacement In Houston

Total hip replacement, also called total hip arthroscopy, involves the removal of the damaged bone and cartilage and the installation of a prosthetic. The procedure will look something like this:

  • The femoral head is removed.
  • A metal stem is placed into the femur.
  • A metal or ceramic ball joint is attached to the stem.
  • The damaged cartilage in the socket is removed.
  • A metal socket is installed in the hip.
  • A spacer (metal, plastic, or ceramic) is installed between the ball and the metal socket.

Possible Complications of Hip Surgery

All surgeries carry a degree of risk, and the complications possible with hip replacement surgery include the following:

  • Bone infection
  • Incision infection
  • Blood clots
  • Hardware failure
  • Leg length inequality
  • Dislocation

Is Hip Surgery Right for You?

Hip joint deterioration can rob you of your quality of life and independence. However, not all patients are good candidates for total hip replacement surgery. Contact Orthopaedic Associates in Houston to discuss your case and learn if hip replacement Houston is the right procedure for you.